About Us
Our experience with financial markets covers various segments, from designing quantitative trading strategies at BNP Paribas to modeling broker-dealer interactions in OTC CDS markets at Bank of France, among many others.

At Gematria, we promote excellence and diversity. Our R&D team is composed of talents from 7 different countries, holding over 10 medals at national or international levels in computer science or mathematical olympiads and other hackathons, with backgrounds in top institutions from 3 continents.
Dr. Gary Bécigneul
Dr. Gary Bécigneul, our CEO, is a former AI researcher at MIT. His AI research is cited by hundreds of scientific papers and published at the most prestigious conferences. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning from ETH Zurich, supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann - former Director of Engineering of Google Zürich. Gary also holds a master in math from Cambridge University, and is the laureate of Max Planck’s Society PhD Prize for being the youngest, at 25, to complete an outstanding thesis across all subjects of the 86 Max Institutes. In his free time, he trains for kickboxing competitions.
Louis Abraham
Louis Abraham, our CTO, is a computer scientist with a wide array of expertise: he co-founded the cloud security start-up Secrecy, used to be a quant at BNP Paribas London and conducted economic research at Banque de France on OTC CDS markets and AI research at Ecole Normale Superieure. He holds masters in computer science from ETH Zurich and Ecole Polytechnique, where he entered at 17 - most students being 20. Louis also achieved France’s best score in history at the ICPC World Finals - the most pretigious programming contest worldwide. In his free time, he studies orchestral conducting.
Alexandre Dubé
(Financial Markets)
Alexandre Dubé is the Head of Financial Markets Trading at Total Energies. He is responsible for FX and Fixed Income risk within the Group. He is also a participant in the FXCG at the European Central Bank.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann is a Professor of Machine Learning at ETH Zürich and co-founder & CTO of 1plusX. Prior to that, he was the Director of Engineering & co-site Lead of Google Zürich, and co-founder & CTO of Recommind - acquired $163M by OpenText.