financial analysis
We organize financial data, letting you turn qualitative data into quantitative insights, without writing a single line of code.
Gematria Search & Dashboard
Proprietary search engine
Search engine results are sourced in-house and updated round the clock
Advanced parameterised search
Fine tune search results with advanced parameters such as date, sentiment, sources and controversy
Customizable dashboard profile
Customizable widgets, email alerts and stock watchlists specific to your profile
News Sentiment API
Categorised sentiments
Get news sorted by sentiment into three simple categories: positive, negative and neutral
Entity-level analysis
Finer-grained analysis at the entity level allows us to spot different sentiments. For example, Apple wins a suit against Samsung would be a positive news for Apple but negative for Samsung
Easy-to-use API
Easily plugged onto your news feed or viewed from our dashboard
Reddit Nowcasting
Analyse retail investor opinions
Track the interest of retail investors - from experts to beginners - in various markets and re-weight per user karma
Sentiment plotting
Plot sentiment about specific tech products mentioned on Reddit
Track and monitor
Monitor mentions of company tickers, currencies, commodities and get alerts about the next short-squeeze
Use Cases
News Sentiment & Credit Risk
After his company recently incurred a significant loss due to a credit default, a risk manager from an insurance company managing a team of credit analysts asked us for a dashboard classifying their own news feed into categories according to sentiment.

A backtest based on analysing text revealed strong negative signals on the underlying exposure, and provided a chance to react in a timely manner before credit default.

Besides the perspective of avoiding dramatic losses, a survey run on over 30 analysts indicates an acclaimed average of 17.6% in global productivity increase.
About Us
Our experience with financial markets covers various segments, from designing quantitative trading strategies at BNP Paribas to modeling broker-dealer interactions in OTC CDS markets at Bank of France, among many others.

At Gematria, we promote excellence and diversity. Our R&D team is composed of talents from 7 different countries, holding over 10 medals at national or international levels in computer science or mathematical olympiads and other hackathons, with backgrounds in top institutions from 3 continents: